No matter how many Japan Domestic Market or Continental car dominates the country. As we know, we as Malaysian will never gave up upon our domestic BEAST MACHINE which start from the same alphabet which is PROTON AND PERODUA. Both as its own rivalry and its own pride. The proton is well known for the performance and convenient. Speaking of perodua…..Supercar of Malaysia, the one and only Myvi. Ooops sorry i forget about the D55L.

Back to the topic!

Anyone have idea upon why the topic says Rocky? Let me embrace you. As we know, when it comes to modifying a perodua, we would always go for a Daihatsu. Yes or No? Of course it’s HUGE YES. I know where your mind goes when i said huge yes. The world is full with corrupted mind i swear. Okay so back to Daihatsu, when it comes to modifying a perodua, we will look for Daihatsu parts. For an example, kancil to mira, viva to avy, myvi to boon and of course the most famous L1 to L6 engine and of course the powerful YRV engine. I'm really sorry guys, i drag it again. My bad. Okay back to the topic, the Perodua D55L is actually a origin from Daihatsu Rocky.

Yes ladies and gentleman, you’re right from the beginning.

Perodua has bring Daihatsu to next supercar of Malaysia, hahaha. Okay joke aside, let’s get to the fact that this Perodua D55L has features that can compete with the new Proton X50. As we know they have been competing always like bezza vs saga. Now let’s talk about this D55L. The D55L IS 335mm shorter than the X50 which is almost 4m longer. Not much difference i’ll say. It is provided with unibody chassis and not body on frame which most SUVs has and also less likely preferred by the driver. I mean owner of the car. I said few not everyone . By right now you might guess that this Perodua D55L comes under Segment B like the X50. But, here’s a twist, this SUV specifically comes under Segment A due to its length.

On the exterior part, starting from the front face of the D55L. It has LED headlights with those eyebrow positioning light that has an ego in it which will stare you till you vomit blood if you ever tailgate. I mean it looks like that though. Kita mesti support meh, #samasamalocal. Back to the front face, it has LED daytime running lights which will keep the eyes of the SUV alive. You know what i mean. If not for that, than why Daytime Running Light(DRL) for the day? Think about it! For myself, i found the six point front grille looks like a teeth that might kiss you if you emergency brake when the D55L is tailgating you. Beware guys, any car can be evil! The D55L has lot of black body cladding as you’d usually expect on an SUV. Not to forget the all important contrasting roof color. You saved few penny on wrapping dude. Think about it! The C-Pillar of the car is given body color which looks good still but i know you will wrap it up which looks much more alive. Thank you for considering it.

Therefore, there is only one unfinished task or mistake i would say which there is a lot of fake vents in the back. Don’t forget to put a hole in it or never complain. Even though it is a compact sized SUV, never ever underestimate that this machine has 17-inch alloy wheels. 17 inch ladies and gentlemen. Which might be stable then it is normally due to the weight of the alloy wheels. But you might feel your wallet or purse drying when you change your tyre after it has worn out due to 17-INCH TYRE. Before going on the interior and the details of the SUV, let’s get to some history which is not more than 15 years so bear with me.

To begin with, few years back when there was a fuel crisis. All the SUV sales went down just like the Toyota Rush, Honda CR-V, and etc. Even the Suzuki Jimny brought down nearly RM 90k never were a success. Especially the price played the factor here. So now there is no fuel crisis except this corona crisis. The SUVs nowadays have some modification that will save up the fuel. To add some spice up,
with a SUV that has a size of CRV selling RM 40k to RM 50k lesser which is the Proton X70 hits the sales more than the other machine. Price play very big factor in this matter. Even the new Proton X50 is around RM 70k and so on. But like i said not much difference with the D55L in size and also would be in price. I guess so. Let’s see what we get.

Hence, D55L will make a huge impact on the SUV market. With this in mind, the impact is not only on the SUV, also the car market for the price range between RM 70k to RM 90k. SUV market for 2021, provided a more affordable SUVs. Thus, a question of who can offer a better SUV at more competitive price. Other brands like the Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and etc. for the SUV model might face the crisis. Let’s see what would be happening. Now it time for the interior and the engine, don’t you think?

Of equal importance, the attention will draw not only the exterior and interior but what would be running the car under the hood. This D55L would come with a 1.0cc turbocharged (1KR-VET Turbo) engine which runs with 3 cylinder. It has the power of 98ps and 140Nm of torque. Yes exactly guys, this machine comes with Controlled Variable Transmission(CVT). So by right now you already guess the fuel consumption. 1.0cc? Turbocharged? CVT? And the answer would be you might save lots of penny when it comes to fuel. On the interior part, it looks very modern and neat finishing. More driver focused. Given digital meter for the high spec which would be a plus point and it comes with the sporty looking three spoked steering

“This D55L would come with a 1.0cc turbocharged (1KR-VET Turbo) engine which runs with 3 cylinder”

In a nutshell, the D55L is boom. Wait. I have a pickup line for it. Hey D55L, are you a Hiroshima because you’re a bomb. Okay, that sounds typical pickup line though. So back at it, It has a 9.0-inch touchscreen with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay support. This D55L has the newest technology which is the advanced safety assist 2.0 system just like the Perodua Aruz. Also has the twin camera on the windscreen just like the Perodua Myvi Advance has.

This D55L comes with three variants in total which would be G,X and AV. Also Perodua offered accessories for this SUV which called Gear Up. This D55L is available in 11 different colors. Yes you heard me right, 11 different colors which has White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Diamond White, Silver, Silver Black, White Black,Red Black and Matt Red.

Let me finish it of by reminding you guys KEMBARA IS BACK WITH STYLE. Till next time, signing off,

yours truly…..

Article by,
Rashwin Kanesan