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The All New Sedan Proton S50 in the form of Emerald Stone. I mean Emgrand!

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Hey guys i’m back again with the new Sedan that is aordable and also with a modern technology which most high end car would have. Let me break the secret by telling you, yes ladies and gentlemen, you’re right. It is none other than the Proton. Our national pride i would say.

As we all know that Proton was owned by HICOM with minority stakes being held by Mitsubishi Group members. By 2005, Mitsubishi had divested their stake in Proton to Khazanah Nasional, and in 2012, Proton was fully acquired by DRB-HICOM. Here comes the twist , do you guys know that Proton was the owner of Lotus Cars from 1996 to 2017? So we were technically driving a machine that is made by Lotus, Mitsubishi, and HICOM. Isn’t that interesting. That is why, our Proton is a bomb and here comes another twist in May 2017, DRB-HICOM announced plans to sell a 49.9% stake in Proton and a 51% in Lotus to Geely Automobile Holdings. Since then, Lotus ceased to be a unit of Proton. Well the Proton market were once again boomed by the production of
the one and only Proton X70 and now Proton X50 which made other car brands went down. Just like how the Proton shines as always, once again they are ready to shine as Proton S50!!!!

The all new Proton S50 is a sedan that will be a iconic model which will rule almost all of the other brand sedan. This Proton S50 is a rebadged version of Geely Emgrand GL. Yes now you know why I called it Emerald. Because trust me when i say this, this Geely Emgrand is actually an Emerald when we place Proton badge on it. WHY? Just because it says PROTON!!!!!!! One word is enough to make us feel tempt, PROTON! Joke aside, so this Proton S50 is actually comes under C-Segment sedan. But a part of me says this is the younger brother to Proton Preve who to be honest looks as handsome hunk. Don’t worry, we aren’t comparing 2012 C-Segment Proton Preve with the 2021 C-Segment Proton S50. Damn, who will compare those? Preve has its own style and this S50 has its own iconic tempting stylish modern handsome hunk, beast as well. Did i just compared? Ooops, sorry Preve, my bad,you know truth hurts. But still we love you!!!

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