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My heart burns for the city light says another City which in the form of hatchback!

For all those Honda Jazz lover, I’m sorry there’s a sad news for you. The Honda Jazz will only be produced in Japan and Europe. Malaysia won’t be receiving the Cutie Jazz at a point. But have you ever imagined the Honda Eg6 or the Honda Ek9 hatchback style will be produced in any models. Yes, my child, the one and only Satoru Azumi , Chief designer for the 2020 Honda City. Yes, your guess is right. The Honda has decided to bring in the Honda City Hatchback 2021. Does that mean since there is already a compete between Vios and City, so now is it the time that Toyota Yaris as a rival? Yes ladies and gentlemen, the time is now, you can’t see me, my time is now. Sorry I remembered my childhood watching John Cena. Okay back to the topic, firstly let us look at the difference and the similarities that the Honda Jazz has with the all new City Hatchback since it’s time for the Jazz to take some rest.

To start with, the upcoming Honda City Hatchback is 4345mm length wise which is 208mm shorter than the Honda City Sedan but has the same width which is 1748mm. Not much differences you think? But it has quite huge difference if compared to Honda Jazz, which has 3995mm length wise and 1694mm width wise. Don’t breakdown backpackers! Even though the Honda City Hatchback is  shorter than the Honda City Sedan, the hatchback version also has a good spacious boot. This happened because Honda make sure the hatchback version of Honda City has spacious boot. Another shocking truth. Everyone knows one of Honda Jazz speciality is the Ultra Seats. This Ultra Seats has been fixed on the Honda City Hatchback as well. Most of you guys wouldn’t know or wouldn’t have heard the name Ultra Seat. Don’t worry guys, let me humour you. Question will arise, what is Ultra Seat? Ultra Seat is that the seat can be reclined to the max. So you can arrange more stuff in your car to your convenient. There are total of 4 different loading modes which is Utility Mode, Long Mode, Tall Mode, Refresh Mode.

Refer to the picture below:

From here on, the front facelift of the Honda City Hatchback  has no changes with the new Honda City Sedan. Thus, the tail light here as an awesome feature just like on the Honda City Sedan. Hahaha, confuse? Don’t worry when I’m there to enlighten you. We all know that the Honda City Sedan tail light has a pinch of the all new BMW 3 Series. Whereas, the Honda City Hatchback tail light has a pinch of the Mercedes-Benz A Class W177. Yes ladies and gentlemen, i repeat Mercedes-Benz A class W177. Speaking about the engine, both the Honda City Sedan and the Honda City Hatchback is boosting with the 1.0-litre Turbocharged which has a peak power of 120ps and 173Nm. This machine comes with Continuous Variable Transmission(CVT) with 7 speed. Price range should be from Rm 80k – Rm 100k max to RS Spec.

In short, what made me excited about these Honda City Hatchback is that approximately after 26 years, the Honda City nameplate returns to the hatchback body style. Yes dude, 26 years!!! Let’s go for a great interesting topic. Question will arise, that the malaysian have to decide(nothing political, just pure automotive fact) on the 2021 Honda City Hatchback or the upcoming Toyota Yaris Facelift. So if you’re thinking of a comparison between both? I’ll make it up to you! Since that’s what i do always for you my love. Okay thus sounds like a fiction romance novel. Let’s get to the real world.

Just as important, both the Yaris and the City is a B-Segment Hatchbacks. But the Honda City is one of the largest B-Segment sedans with a length that is a little over the 4.5 metre mark. It looks like Honda City Hatchback could follow its bigger twin in terms of offering class-leading spaciousness. The City Hatchback is longer than the Yaris by 204mm and wider by 18mm. Overall, the City Hatchback is bigger than the Yaris in terms of length but only a smidge taller and wider than Toyota’s Hatchback. In terms of engine, if compared Yaris and the City. The City is 1.0-litre turbocharged with 3 cylinder while the Yaris is 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated with 4 cylinder. Performance wise, the City has 122ps horsepower @5,500 rpm 173Nm of torque from 2,000 – 4,500 rpm while the Yaris has 107ps horsepower @6,000 rpm 140Nm of torque @4,200 rpm. Both machine uses CVT automatic transmission. The Yaris might be lacking in terms of power compared to the City but the 1.5-litre 2NR-FE engine on the Yaris is noted for its reliability.


The infotainment of City has 8.0-inch Android Auto, Apple Carplay with 8 speakers while the Yaris has 7.0-inch Android Auto, Apple Carplay with 6 speakers.If compared in terms of safety, City has 6 airbags,Vehicle Stability Assist(VSA), Anti lock Braking System(ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution(EBD), Hill Start Assist(HSA), Emergency Signal System(ESS) while the Yaris has 7 airbags, Vehicle Stability Control(VSC), Anti lock Braking System(ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution(EBD), Brake Assist(BA), Emergency Signal System(ESS), Hill start-assist Control(HAC), Traction Control(TRC). The City Hatchback offers better power than the Yaris, it’s obviously very much lacking in the safety department.

" ...the City has 122ps horsepower @5,500 rpm 173Nm of torque from 2,000 - 4,500 rpm..."

Finally, a WAR begins with all the hatchback models of the other brands with the same price range. Let’s look on the Honda City Hatchback more. The City Hatchback gets the same front end as its sedan sibling, with an identical design for the headlamps, front grille, front hood and front bumper. This continues down the vehicle’s sides, as the prominent character line running above the door handles and linking the front and rear lighting clusters remain visible. The roofline of the hatchback goes on for longer to meet a roof spoiler, which is placed above the tailgate with a steeply-raked rear window. This also sees the C-pillars take on a more upright stance, allowing space for the fuel door to be placed higher above the side character line. The Honda City Hatchback has provided with 6 colour options which are Taffeta White, Red Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Meteor Grey Metallic, Platinum White Pearl and Sonic Grey Pearl. So, as you acknowledged now. Its your call over the Hatchback Version. Good Luck and All the best for the best choice of hatchback models guys. Till next time.

yours truly…..


Article by,
Rashwin Kanesan

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