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Welcome to pcari | Automotive Blog, the brand new blog for anything and everything Automotive. (stylized in all lower case as pcari), is a Southeast Asian on-demand multi-service platform. launched its first service for Malaysia in Q2 2020 (pcari |auto) and followed by others after Q3 2021. will transform into a Super App, providing more than 17 services. Serving Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam & Brunei. 


pcari | Automotive Blog is blog dedicated to the automotive industry to bring you the latest news, car reviews and information, this will be the place to keep up to date on what’s happening. As we are new, we are still looking for new bloggers to help us write and research new blogs to keep everyone up to date with everything that is happening. If you are interested in writing for our pcari | Automotive Blog, please email us at [email protected]

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